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About Tricofort

For over thirty years, founded Tricofort which is one of the most important and oldest Brazilian factories specialized in hair care and body, was taken from the state of Parana in the city of Colombo Brazilian headquarter and its factory, as a strategic location based on proximity to the most important major highways in Brazil, which reflects the country from north to south and its proximity to the port Paranagua which is one of the main ports in Brazil.
Tricofort owns laboratories where ongoing research under the supervision of qualified holders of certificates Supreme specialized in the field of skin and hair care, who are working to develop formulas and fixtures accurate scientific specialized in its field to manufacture high quality products and efficiency,which gives customers the flexibility to select the font that fits their needs, In addition to hiring experts to stringent quality control and ensure the safety of its products from the product development stage to hand him over to the point of sale, giving the name of Tricofort brand competition.
Tricofort depends always on nature as a source of inspiration in the development of its products, so its policy is based on the provision of raw materials needed in manufacturing plants from natural sources,such as natural herbs and fruits that are characterized by Brazil as a whole and specifically the Amazon jungle.